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WRSP locates and links to online video materials that supplement and enhance the text entries. The Video Connections entries are listed alphabetically and linked with relevant text entries. A COURSE IN MIRACLES ADIDAM AETHERIUS SOCIETY AGAINST THE STREAM BUDDHIST MEDITATION SOCIETY AHMADIYYA ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS AMISH AMMACHI AMWAY ANANDA CHURCH OF SELF REALIZATION ANANDA MARGA YOGA […]



Stony Point Reformed Presbyterian Church Stony Point Reformed Presbyterian Church was founded in 1969. At the time, the church was meeting in the Stony Point School. Ten years later the church moved into its current location. The building that the church occupies was originally a house, and the rest of the church building was built […]



Three Chopt Presbyterian Church The origins of Three Chopt Presbyterian can be traced to the 1960s. A small, dedicated group of eleven Presbyterians from the Richmond area decided there was a need for a “church without walls,” a family centered church that everyone was welcome to join irrespective of denomination. The objective was to build […]



Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church is located in a residential neighborhood on Park Avenue. The church can trace its roots to the 1950s when Richmond residents started moving westward. A group of fifty-nine members, called the Presbytery of Hanover, decided to form a Presbyterian Church in Tuckahoe. Wilson Hall, the main hall, was built […]


Midlothian Friends

Midlothian Friends Meeting The Friends tradition in Richmond began with the Richmond Friends Meeting, which was established in 1795. It was a growth of Friends who were attending the Richmond Friends Meeting, but wished for a closer location to their homes in the Southside that led to the formation of the Midlothian Friends Meeting in […]



Richmond Friends Meeting (Brief Quaker History by Richmond Friends) The Richmond Friends Meeting was established in 1795. The first Meeting House was erected at 19 th and Cary Streets in 1798, making it the second oldest church of any denomination in Richmond. The Meeting House was built by a member of the congregation, George Winston, […]



Brazilian (Seventh-Day Adventist) Community Church(videooftheBrazilian SDA Choir) The Brazilian Community Church was established by Pastor Samuel Ramos in 1998. He and his family moved from Andrews University in Michigan to build a Brazilian Seventh-Day Adventist church in Richmond where there is a Brazilian and/or Portuguese speaking population. The church initially was a small group of […]



Igreja Adventista Brasileira de Richmond Brazilian (Seventh-Day Adventist) Community Church[English Translation] (videooftheBrazilian SDA Choir) A igreja Brasileira de Richmond foi fundada em 1998 pelo Pastor Samuel Ramos. Ele e sua família se mudaram da Universidade Andrews, localizada em Michigan, para organizar uma Igreja Brasileira em Richmond onde há uma população de Brasileiros e de pessoas […]


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