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WRSP locates and links to online video materials that supplement and enhance the text entries. The Video Connections entries are listed alphabetically and linked with relevant text entries. A COURSE IN MIRACLES ADIDAM AETHERIUS SOCIETY AGAINST THE STREAM BUDDHIST MEDITATION SOCIETY AHMADIYYA ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS AMISH AMMACHI AMWAY ANANDA CHURCH OF SELF REALIZATION ANANDA MARGA YOGA […]



Patterson Avenue Seventh-day Adventist Church The first Seventh-day Adventist church in Richmond, Virginia was established in 1895 by twenty-eight individuals. The group began meeting in the Virginia Tract and Bible Society building on 25th Street. As membership increased, the church relocated in 1904 to 33 rd Street near the Church Hill area. Over the next […]



Sikh Gurdwara Sacvi In the late 1970s, there were only about thirty Sikh families in Richmond; most had moved to Richmond to attend the Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University. By the late 1980s, they began to organize and plan to construct a Gurdwara. Their search for land was complete by 1998, and […]



Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Glen Allen Unitarian UniversalistHistoryThe Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Glen Allen (UUCC) was established to provide a stimulating and inclusive environment for people to explore liberal religious beliefs in Richmond’s northwest suburbs. First chartered in 1993, construction on the current church located on Cauthorne Road began in October 2000. The […]



Unitarian Universalist First Unitarian Universalist Church Unitarian UniversalistHistoryFirst Unitarian Universalist Church has quite a complicated history in Richmond, undergoing numerous changes before the current church building and congregation emerged. The story begins in 1830 with the arrival of John Dods in Richmond and his uniting of the local Unitarians and Universalists to establish the Unitarian […]



Zoroastrianism Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest religions in the world and is believed to be the first monotheistic religion. It was founded by Zarathushtra sometime between 1500-1000 BCE in Persia, present day Iran. This religion has had an enormous influence on Christianity, Islam, and Judaism not just in the fact that it is monotheistic […]



St. Giles Presbyterian In 1937, Blanton Belk, a member of Grace Covenant Church in Richmond was expelled from the church due to his participation in the Oxford Group, a fellowship of individuals who sought intense religious commitments without regard for denominational ties. Four years after leaving Grace Covenant , Belk founded St. Giles Presbyterian in […]



Stony Point Reformed Presbyterian Church Stony Point Reformed Presbyterian Church was founded in 1969. At the time, the church was meeting in the Stony Point School. Ten years later the church moved into its current location. The building that the church occupies was originally a house, and the rest of the church building was built […]



Three Chopt Presbyterian Church The origins of Three Chopt Presbyterian can be traced to the 1960s. A small, dedicated group of eleven Presbyterians from the Richmond area decided there was a need for a “church without walls,” a family centered church that everyone was welcome to join irrespective of denomination. The objective was to build […]


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