Stony Point Reformed Presbyterian Church

Stony Point Reformed Presbyterian Church was founded in 1969. At the time, the church was meeting in the Stony Point School. Ten years later the church moved into its current location. The building that the church occupies was originally a house, and the rest of the church building was built onto and around the already existing house. At the center of the church, therefore, is the same house in which the first members of the church congregation met.

The Stony Point Reformed Presbyterian Church doctrinal statements asserts “that Jesus Christ, the son of God, God in flesh, came and lived a sinless life on Earth, and then was crucified on a cross, dying as a sacrifice to atone for the sins of all who believe, and then rose again from the grave three days later. And the only way that anyone reaches heaven is by grace which comes from a saving faith in Christ.” This Church holds to the five Solas of Protestantism: Sola Scriptura (the Scripture alone is the standard), Soli Deo Gloria (for the Glory of God Alone), Solo Christo (by Christ’s work alone are we saved), Sola Gratia (Salvation by Grace Alone), and Sola Fide (justification by Faith Alone). In addition, Stony Point Presbyterian Church believes in infant baptism.

There are two services held every Sunday morning. The early morning service is a more contemporary service with praise songs and more casual dress. The late morning service is more traditional, with hymns and a more formal dress style. The church does not have an organ, but does have a praise band that includes guitar(s), drums, a piano (and keyboard), and whatever other instrument(s) is/are necessary for the music being played on that particular Sunday.

The services that fall on the first Sunday of every month are prayer services. Communion services are held every second Sunday of every month for both services as well as every forth Sunday of the month in an evening service. In addition to communion, special services are held on Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday, and Easter (there is a sunrise service for Easter morning). These services include extra scripture reading and worship, as well as a message about the particular day which is being celebrated. The church has 600 members, with approximately 350-400 people attending regular Sunday services.

While the congregation is not large, the members of Stony Point Reformed Presbyterian Church host a range of ministries. In an average week, the church has Sunday school for children and adults as well as the meetings for the High School Youth Group, a women’s Bible study, small groups, middle school youth, and the Cat Club (the children’s ministry). Every other Sunday the church feeds the homeless. The church also sends foreign missionaries to Scotland, Uganda, and West Virginia (this trip is generally more youth oriented). This church sponsors Beaufont Towers Nursing Home Ministries, the Loaves and Fishes Ministry (a food bank), Vacation Bible School, and Church Hill Activities and Tutoring Ministries.

Stony Point Reformed Presbyterian Church
2330 Buford Road
Richmond, VA 23235

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