Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church

Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church is located in a residential neighborhood on Park Avenue. The church can trace its roots to the 1950s when Richmond residents started moving westward. A group of fifty-nine members, called the Presbytery of Hanover, decided to form a Presbyterian Church in Tuckahoe. Wilson Hall, the main hall, was built in 1952 with the help of the Presbytery of Hanover. Construction has been taking place at Tuckahoe Presbyterian ever since the erection of the first building. The education building was built in 1956 only three years after the formation of the church. Classrooms and administrative offices were completed in 1994.

Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church states its mission as follows: “Our mission is to listen to Jesus carefully, to worship God gratefully, to share the good news with our neighbor, and to help one another heal those who hurt.” Worship at Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church is to stimulate the minds of those growing in faith. Traditional worship services are held on Sunday mornings along with a Sunday school. On Sunday evenings there a Youth Fellowship Program for youth in middle and high school that includes Bible study and recreation. There is a mid-week evening worship service, “mid-week manna” that includes dinner, Christian education, musical entertainment, and fellowship. Also included in this service is a separate Christian education program for elementary school children, Body Shop.

Tuckahoe Presbyterian supports various programs within the church to help with membership and missions, as well as outreach programs to help within the local and international communities. Within the church, the music ministry includes a swing band, hand bell choir, and vocal choir. The Membership Division seeks to enroll new members for the church. Within the Richmond community Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church participates in Congregations About Richmond Involved To Assure Shelter by providing food, shelter, and hygiene for one week during the year. Church members contribute to Habitat-for-Humanity, which partners with other community groups to work individuals needing housing to build their own homes. Church members also participate in the Meals-on-Wheels Program, which brings meals to the homes of those in need within the community. Church members make monetary contributions to the Crestview School after-school program. Finally, the church supports Presbyterian Homes and Family Services, which was formed in 1903 as a facility to provide counseling to children and adults facing personal crises. Internationally, Tuckahoe Presbyterian is dedicated to sending supplies and assistance to Presbyterian missionaries working around the world.

Tuckahoe Presbyterian Church
7000 Park Avenue
Richmond, VA 23226

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Profile prepared by Robbin Arrington
May, 2008