Three Chopt Presbyterian Church

The origins of Three Chopt Presbyterian can be traced to the 1960s. A small, dedicated group of eleven Presbyterians from the Richmond area decided there was a need for a “church without walls,” a family centered church that everyone was welcome to join irrespective of denomination. The objective was to build a church and create a congregation of inspired, dedicated parishioners. This small group finally became a chartered church on March 4, 1965. The congregation met at Ridge Elementary School for worship services and in members’ homes for Bible study until the church building was completed in 1967. The number of parishioners then quickly rose to about 55. An addition was made to the church building in 1973.

Three Chopt Presbyterian Church operates two services each Sunday as well as a Sunday school program. Three Chopt Presbyterian states that its main mission “ … is to embrace, empower and equip one another to live as disciples in the body of Christ.” A Children’s Ministry and Promises Preschool also are located at the church. The goal of Promises Preschool is to help children reach their full potential from childhood to adulthood. There is a very active Music Ministry at Three Chopt Presbyterian. The music program is carefully coordinated each week for services and is open to all age groups. A youth band is also available for those in grades six through twelve. Adult programs include the choir and the hand bell choir.

The Youth Ministry is a way to get those younger members of the church involved in different ways. The church website states that “….the purpose of Youth Ministry at Three Chopt Presbyterian Church is to minister to the particular needs of Junior and Senior High School (6 th-12 th grades) youth….” The church believes that youth are helped in the process of maturing by having a chance to learn theology and to grow in faith while being involved in the church. Youth groups and Sunday school are a part of the Youth Ministry opportunities each week.

One of the resources within the church to further the church’s mission of empowering and helping others is the Stephen Ministry. It is led by congregation members who help other members with problems that they may be experiencing. The Stephen Ministry teaches parishioners how to help other members in the church who may be going through a difficult time with financial problems, divorce, relocation, and other family related problems.

Another essential program at the church is the There are many different opportunities for the congregation to take a part in the “ Mission and Service Outreach Ministry.” The church has been participating in Congregations Around Richmond Involved to Assure Shelter (CARITAS) since 1992, providing is one of their main programs offered. They began in 1992 and are continuing with the program today by offering shelter and sustenance to the homeless for one week out of each year. The church also supports Habitat for Humanity by contributing to the building of new homes in partnership with those needing housing. Both adults and children in the congregation participate in mission trips to help other churches in need. For example, adults will be traveling to Trinity Reformed Church in New Jersey in 2008 to help with development of team building within the congregation and helping with the physical facilities. The children have an annual mission trip to Washington, D.C. There are also international mission trips. The church has a sister church relationship with Berith Presbyterian in Mexico and helps with its ministry and improvement to its physical facilities. There is a trip planned to Mexico in 2009.

Three Chopt Presbyterian Church
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Profile prepared by Robbin Arrington
May, 2008