Yoga in World Religions and Spiritualities

Yoga consists of embodied practices and a variety of ideas about the meaning of those practices. Originally a Sanskrit word, yoga has been described by scholar David Gordon White as having a ‘wider range of meanings than nearly any other word in the entire Sanskrit lexicon’ (2012:2). Although usually closely associated with Hinduism, for thousands of years the techniques of meditation and manipulation of human energy associated with yoga have been used by Buddhists, Jains and atheists as well as more recently being incorporated into aspects of Sikh, Muslim, Christian and contemporary spiritualities and non-religious practices.

The profiles here, like those of the rest of the WSRP, seek to provide clear, unbiased information on movements. New profiles are being developed and supporting materials will be posted along with the profiles. The balance of profiles is with contemporary movements, but links and resources detailing more historical groups and themes will also be provided.


YOGA GROUP PROFILES (Alphabetical Listing)

Adi Da Samraj


Ananda Marga Yoga Society

Ananda Church of Self Realization

Anandmurti Gurumaa

Anusara Yoga

Art of Living Foundation

Bikram Yoga

Gurumayi (Swami Chidvilasananda) or Siddha Yoga

Healthy, Happy, Holy Organisation (3HO) or Kundalini Yoga

Integral Yoga (Sri Aurobindo)

Integral Yoga International

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness

Ramakrishna Math and Mission

Ramakrishna Order of the Vedanta Society

Sathya Sai Baba

Self-Realization Fellowship

Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute


Sri Chinmoy

Transcendental Meditation




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