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Recently Added

  • Oneida Community
    Kevin Coffee (Lowell National Historic Park)
  • Healthy, Happy, Holy (3HO)
    Constance Elsberg (Northern Virginia Community College)
  • Oom the Omnipotent
    Joseph Laycock (Texas State University)
  • Santa Muerte
    SANTA MUERTE TIMELINE 850:  Zapotecs built Lyobaa, City of the Dead, later called Mitla (the Aztec appellation for it as it they saw it as linked to Mictlan, their name for the underworld). This was the most important religious center for the Zapotec where they worshiped their primary deities, two death deities, consisting of a couple ...
  • Sacred Living Movement
    Ann W. Duncan (Goucher College)
  • Cassadaga Spiritual Camp
    Todd Jay Leonard (University of Teacher Education Fukuoka) and David G. Bromley (WRSP)
  • Ānandamayī Mā (Mā Ānandamayī)
    Orianne Aymard (Center for Indian and South Asian Studies (CERIAS))

Profiles in Preparation

  • Spiritualism (Elizabeth Lowry, Arizona State University)
  • Marpingen (Olaf Blaschke, Münster University)
  • Santa Muerte (Kate Kingsbury, University of Alberta)

  • Omnipotent Oom (Joe Laycock, Texas State University)
  • Glastonbury Goddess Religion (Amy R. Whitehead, Massey University).
  • Magnificat Meal (Bernard Doherty, Charles Sturt University)

  • Tinker Tailor (Carole Cusack, University of Sydney)