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Hillary Kaell

Hillary Kaell is author of Walking Where Jesus Walked: American Christians and Holy Land Pilgrimage (New York University Press, 2014), editor Everyday Sacred: Religion in Contemporary Quebec (McGill-Queens University Press, 2017), and author of numerous scholarly articles and chapters. She co-curates the website Anthrocybib, podcasts at New Books in Religion, and serves as co-editor of the […]


Organization & Leadership

WRSP EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Kaarina Aitamurto (University of Helsinki) Carole Cusack (University of Sydney) Massimo Introvigne (Center for Studies on New Religions) Joseph Laycock (Texas State University) Timothy Miller (University of Kansas) Susan J. Palmer (Dawson College) Stefania Palmisano (University of Turin) Ian Reader (University of Manchester) Catherine Wessinger (Loyola University, New Orleans)   THEMATIC SPECIAL […]


Regional Projects

The forms and traditions of religious and spiritual expression often coincide with geographic, political, and cultural boundaries. Scholars with recognized expertise in specific regional traditions have been invited to organize the Regional Projects listed below. AUSTRALIAN RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL TRADITIONS (Project Directors: Carole Cusack, Bernard Doherty) CANADIAN RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL TRADITIONS (Project Directors: Susan Palmer, […]



HINDUISM TIMELINE 3600-1700 BCE  The first attested elements that can be argued to be “Hindu” were found in the Indus Valley civilization complex. 1900 BCE  The Sarasvati River dried up due to climate changes. Indus-Sarasvati culture ended; the center of civilization in ancient India relocated from the Sarasvati River to the Ganges River. 1500 BCE […]


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