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Dusty Hoesly

Dusty Hoesly, Ph.D., is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Southern Mississippi. His research explores how minority religions and secular movements shape modern American culture.


Egil Asprem Interview

Video Interview with Egil Asprem on “The Magical Theory of Politics.” Moderator: Catherine Wessinger In this interview Dr. Catherine Wessinger discusses with Dr. Egil Asprem discusses with Dr. Egil Asprem the Magic Resistance to Trump’s presidency, the Magic Reaction on the part of politically rightwing magicians to the binding spells cast by witches in the […]


Scholar’s Corner

  SCHOLAR’S CORNER VIDEOS The Scholar’s Corner is a joint project of Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions, published by the University of California Press, and the World Religions and Spirituality Project (WRSP), an international scholarly consortium that collaboratively produces WRSP as an online, academic reference resource. The Scholar’s Corner offers video […]


Lev Tahor

Jacques Dumais. 2015. Étude sur l’intervention du Directeur de la protection de la jeunesse et de ses partenaires auprès de la communauté Lev Tahoret dans des milieux potentiellement sectaires. Avril 2015.



Massimo Introvigne (Center for Studies on New Religions), Willy Fautré, (Human Rights Without Frontiers), Rosita Šorytė (International Observatory of Human Rights of Refugees), Alessandro Amicarelli (Attorney, European Federation for Freedom of Belief), Marco Respinti, (Journalist). 2020. Shincheonji and Coronavirus in South Korea: Sorting Fact from Fiction. A White Paper.    


Cerchio Druidico Italiano (Italian Druidic Circle)

CERCHIO DRUIDCO ITALIANO TIMELINE 1970:  Luigi “Ossian” D’Ambrosio was born in Nordhorn, Germany. 1980:  D’Ambrosio moved to Biella, Italy, with his family. 1994:  The Branco dell’Antica Quercia (The Ancient Oak Pack) was established and the website opened. 1996:  The group celebrated its first Beltane Festival at Zumaglia Castle (Biella, Italy). 1998:   The Branco dell’Antica Quercia […]


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