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Nova Cana

NOVA CANA TIMELINE 1947 (May 2):  Six year old Angela Volpini received her first Holy Communion in the village of Casanova Staffora, Lombardy, Italy, in the Apennine mountain range. 1947 (June4):  Angela, having turned seven on the June 2, experienced her first apparition of the Virgin Mary at a place called Bocco on the hill […]


Our Lady of Bayside

OUR LADY OF BAYSIDE TIMELINE 1923 (July 12):  Veronica Lueken was born. 1968 (June 5):  Sirhan Sirhan assassinated Robert Kennedy. This event was tied to the onset of Lueken’s first mystical experiences. 1970 (June 18):  The Virgin Mary appeared to Lueken for the first time at St. Robert Bellarmine’s Church. 1971-1975:  “The Battle of Bayside” […]


Holy Apostolic Catholic Palmarian Church

HOLY APOSTOLIC CATHOLIC PALMARIAN CHURCH TIMELINE 1946 (April 23):  Clemente Domínguez Gómez was born in Seville. 1968 (March 30):  Four girls reported to have seen the Virgin Mary at the Alcaparrosa. field, just outside Palmar de Troya, a town in Spanish Andalusia. 1968 (April onwards):  Several other people, most of them women, claimed to receive […]



THE ORTHODOX CHURCH OF THE SOVEREIGN MOTHER OF GOD (OCSMG) OCSMG TIMELINE 1946:  Veniamin Iakovlevich Bereslavsky, the future Blessed Father John, was born in Moscow. 1966:  Bereslavsky graduated from the Ippolitov-Ivanov Academy of Music. 1970:  Bereslavsky graduated from the Maurice Thorez Foreign Languages Institute and became a spiritual seeker. 1971:  According to hostile sources, Bereslavsky […]


Lady of All Nations

THE LADY OF ALL NATIONS TIMELINE 1945 (March 25):  Thirty nine year old Ida Peerdeman experienced an apparition of a woman in her home in Amsterdam, and identified her as the Virgin Mary. This was to be the first vision in a series in three phases continuing up until 1959. 1950 (November 1):  Pope Pius […]


National Shrine Grotto of Lourdes

NATIONAL SHRINE GROTTO OF LOURDES NATIONAL SHRINE GROTTO OF LOURDES TIMELINE 1805:  St. Mary’s on the Hill, a Catholic church, was built at the site of the current shrine. 1808:  Mt. St. Mary’s College (now Mt. St. Mary’s University and Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary) was founded. Rev. John DuBois discovered a natural grotto on the […]


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