Cerchio Druidico Italiano (Italian Druidic Circle)

Stefania Palmisano 
Martina Vanzo



1970:  Luigi “Ossian” D’Ambrosio was born in Nordhorn, Germany.

1980:  D’Ambrosio moved to Biella, Italy, with his family.

1994:  The Branco dell’Antica Quercia (The Ancient Oak Pack) was established and the website opened.

1996:  The group celebrated its first Beltane Festival at Zumaglia Castle (Biella, Italy).

1998:   The Branco dell’Antica Quercia became the Antica Quercia (The Ancient Oak).

2001:  D’Ambrosio got married and received his first initiation.

2002:  The festival location moved to Magnano (Biella, Italy).

2003:  The festival location moved again to Mottalciata (Biella, Italy). In the same year, Antica Quercia joined the Circolo dei Trivi (the Wiccan group set in Milan) for the organization of the second National Convention on Wicca that took the name of “The Council of Druids and Witches.” The partnership between Antica Quercia and Circolo dei Trivi is one of the most durable in the whole Italian neopagan landscape.

2005:  The festival took place at Arcobaleno Park in Masserano (Biella, Italy).

2008 (May):  The Cerchio Druidico Italiano (Italian Druidic Circle) was set up during the Beltane Festival in Masserano.

2008 (June):  During the midsummer solstice celebration, D’Ambrosio gave guidelines to the Cerchio Druidico.

2008 (October):  Philip Carr Gomm, president of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, came to Italy and conducted a seminar for the first time in Italy.

2009:  D’Ambrosio was invited to celebrate the Summer Solstice in Stonehenge.

2015:  Antica Quercia, Circolo dei Trivi and several pagan associations created Unione delle Comunità Neopagane (UCN Italia – Union of Neopagan Communities).

2016:  The twentieth Beltane Festival was celebrated in Masserano (Biella, Italy).

2018 (May):  Caroline Wise, president of the Fellowship of Isis, came to the Beltane Festival to celebrate the Cerchio Druidico’s tenth anniversary.




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