Religion and Spirituality in Russia & Eastern Europe


The Religion and Spirituality in Russia and Eastern Europe Project documents the diversity of religious traditions in Russia and Eastern Europe through a set of profiles of religious and spiritual groups which originate in this area. The profiles are supplemented by academic articles on religion in Russia and Eastern Europe.



  • Anastasians (Rasa Pranskeviciute, Vinius University)
  • Tolstoyan Movement (Charlotte Alston, Northumbria University)
  •  Church of Aphrodite (Dmitry Galtsin, Library of Russian Academy of Science)
  • Temple of All Religions (David Bromley and Izaak Spiers, Virginia Commonwealth University)

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** The image on this page is a photograph of a small church in the Old Believer tradition.
Photograph is used with the permission of Maija Penttila.





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