Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)

The Young Men’s Christian Association was founded in London, England in the mid-1800’s. It started as a way of helping the young men who needed a job to support their families as many young men were having a difficult time finding a job and were living on the street. George Williams and his colleague organized the first YMCA to hold Bible study and prayer on the street. The YMCA rapidly spread all over Great Britain and not long was introduced to North America, first in Montreal and then in Boston. Currently there are over 2000 YMCA’s in the United States and over 4000 worldwide. The YMCA is known for its commitment to improve and its members and the communities in which it is located. The original purpose of the organization was to put Christian philosophy into practice. Today, the degree to which the Christian faith is emphasized differs among individuals. In general, theYMCA is open to all, regardless of age, gender, religion, and race.

Established in the mid-1800’s, The Richmond YMCA started as a fellowship group and Bible study group for young men. Through its 154 year history the YMCA of Great Richmond has had a goal of building strong family and community and continues to serve people who are in need. The YMCA of Greater Richmond describes its mission as to put Christian values into practice through programs that construct a positive attitude for all. The YMCA of Greater Richmond is non-profit charitable organization that runs 15 branches located throughout the Metro Richmond and Petersburg areas. The organization serves more then 150,000 people each year, offering programs in child care, aquatics, youth sports, camping, and wellness. The YMCA is particularly active in offering programs and services that allow families to succeed together and in helping teens to become healthy, secure adults by providing adults who serve as are role models.

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 Profile prepared by Tegest Mesfin
February, 2009