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Sharon Baptist Church was established in 1887 with the Reverend Williams H. Troy as the pastor. Sharon Baptist Church is a daughter church of Second Baptist Church of Richmond’s West End. The church originally held its worship services in the old Harris Hall, which is located on the west side of Third Street between Clay and Marshall. The church changed its location in 1890 to the current location on the corner of First Street and Leigh Street. Each successive pastor has added to the church. Reverend Willis Robinson took over the pastorate at the end of Rev. Troy’s leadership and contributed to increased church membership. Under the pastorate of Reverend A.S Thomas the current church building was erected in 1904. Under Reverend Roger H. Johnson’s leadership, which began in 1923, the building was improved and remodeled a total of three times, in 1923, 1925, and 1929. Reverend Herman W. Washington assumed church leadership in 1948 and oversaw construction of the educational building in 1973. The church’s current vision for itself is one of serving the community as well as the church. The church has acquired additional property for classrooms and multipurpose center. Sharon Baptist describes its mission in the following way: “People of God developing Disciples for Jesus Christ through Preaching and Teaching God’s Holy Word reaching the people of the Church and the Community.”

On Sundays there is an early morning as well as a mid-morning worship service. There also are a church school, a prayer service, and a praise service on Sundays. During the middle of the week there is a mid-day service, evening Bible study, and a prayer and praise evening service. The church is comprised of about 220 members and is predominantly African American.

Among the church ministries are a book club that encourages the reading and discussion of the works of African American authors; the Christian Education Ministry that serves as a place for members to study the Bible; the Drama Ministry organizes acting, speaking, and dance groups; the Heath and Wellness Ministry helps members develop a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise; the Hospitality Ministry welcomes newcomers; the Jail and Prison Ministry offers assistance to incarcerated offenders and ex-offenders as well as their families. The Men’s Fellowship, Women’s Fellowship, Youth, Seniors of Sharon (SOS), and Young Adults Doing Stuff (YADS), are all age related ministries. The Missions Ministry is devoted to spreading the Christian message locally, nationally and internationally. The Transportation Ministry transports members to church services and programs. The Ushers Ministry provides assistance with seating arrangements.

Sharon Baptist Church is engaged in community outreach. The Shepherd’s Hand Ministry is an evangelistic program that offers GED classes through the Adult Career Development Center of Richmond, job assistance and training; furniture, appliances, and clothing to the needy; and door-to-door ministering. The church is also a congregational partner with Area Congregations working Together in Service (ACTS), which provides services to the homeless. The church is also involved with Congregations About Richmond Involved To Assure Shelter (CARITAS) by serving as intake site every year. A Food Pantry is open to the people in the community in need of emergency food assistance. One day during the week there is a soup kitchen that prepares hot meals at lunch time for those in need. The Clothing Closet is open to those in the community who are in need of clothes or small household items.

Sharon Baptist Church
22 East Leigh Street
Richmond , VA 23219

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