Save Amercia Ministries

Save America Ministries is a conservative political/religious group founded by Charles Crismier in 1993 in the belief that the restoration of moral and spiritual foundations is America’s only hope. From Crismier’s perspective, America once was a “Christian” nation, and there was total acceptance of the principles of the Bible as the foundation for life and society. He calls this idea the common “consensus,” and he believes it has been severely eroded by cultural drift, historical revisionism, and spiritual rebellion. The result is that chaos now reigns where Christ once ruled and every man does that which is right in his own eyes, allowing lawlessness to prevail.

The ministry states that it was established for the purpose of bringing to a halt the decadent slide of the nation from its moral and spiritual foundations and beginning the restoration and rebuilding of those foundations. Crismier seeks to convince Americans that the nation is corrupted by false virtues and lost souls in order to motivate his listeners to initiate drastic change. He wants to instill this message in everyone and enlist them as ambassadors to carry the message to every home, every church, every work place, every school, and every civic group. Crismier believes that a restored holiness in the church will re-establish wholeness in the White House.

Save America Ministries is Charles Crismier’s tool for re-educating the people so that the spread of what he regards as a moral and spiritual disease can be stopped. The primary method Crismier has adopted to achieve this end is talk radio via traditional stations or the Internet. Crismier thinks this is the most direct way to reach the hearts and minds of America while also cost effectively promulgating his message. He hosts his own talk show, VIEWPOINT, which is aired weekday afternoons. In addition, each broadcast is cataloged and stored so that listeners can retrieve past messages and listen to them at any time via the Internet. Crismier declares that VIEWPOINT is a voice to the church and declares a vision for the nation. The radio broadcast is also a discipling tool intended to prepare everyone for the second coming. In each broadcast, Crismier covers topics of the wide-ranging current concern that are prominently featured in daily newspapers. He analyzes each topic from a religious standpoint, either attacking political leaders because their decisions and policymaking do not reflect his understanding of Christian values or discussing topics that can provide guidance to listeners based on his views of what it means to be Christian. He addresses a range of controversial issues as a means of gaining public attention in hopes of acquiring a larger audience or convincing listeners how wrong they are in referring to themselves as Christian.

Crismier has described what he believes to be the true nature of the church, which he refers to as a “cell” church. This church is not an organization but a living organism bound by the spirit, not by the flesh. Its mission is to restore first century Christianity for the twenty-first century. He also has outlined his understanding of a model pastor, an outline that lists each individual characteristic and strict moral guidelines that cannot be abrogated. He provides fact sheets that identifies the major social and political issues in America and distinguishes those that are Christian and those that are not. Some of these issues include gun control, Black America, abortion, and marriage. Crismier has compiled his views in several books: Preserve Us a Nation, Renewing the Soul of America, The Power of Hospitality, Out of Egypt, and Seduction of the Saints. All of the broadcasts from Viewpoint and the numerous fact sheets and models for America are available through the organization’s website.

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Profile prepared by Christopher Hyner
May, 2009