Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries

The vision for the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship originated in 1992 with the inspiration of International Presiding Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. Two years later over twenty-five thousand people attended the first Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship Conference in the Louisiana Superdome. According to Bishop Morton, the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship is unique in bringing together the Baptist and Pentecostal traditions.

Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries in Richmond was founded by Bishop Daniel Robertson in May of 1996. While Mt. Gilead began as a predominantly African American church it is multiracial. He began his ministry with twenty five members, but his popular teaching ministry produced rapid growth in the church. Within five years Mt. Gilead grew to a membership of over 1900 worshipers. Three services were created to accommodate this growth. In order to provide adequate space for worship services, the congregation moved from its Walmsley Boulevard location to a public school auditorium. Mt. Gilead purchased a ten acre tract of land on Wamsley Boulevard in 1999 and within three months had paid of the $75,000 purchase price through weekly tithes and offerings given by worshipers. When it proved impossible to obtain land adjacent to the church for building and parking expansion, the church administrator found 62 acres of land less than a mile from the Wamsley Boulevard location. During the first three years of the building process church services were held at Manchester High School on Sundays and on Wednesdays at Bailey Bridge Middle School. The materials used in the church services were placed in storage carts, and moving trucks transported them between locations for the services.

After three years the date 8/18/04 was set for the Mt. Gilead congregation to make the transition into its new place of worship. Congregation members believe that the date was hand-picked by God. The number eight signifies new beginning, and Mt. Gilead opened on the eighth month on the eighth day. Further, the numbers in the street address added together also equal eight. The worship center was decorated in purple and gold to signify royalty. Since the opening of the new church membership has increased to 3600 and is still growing.

Bishop Robertson teaches that salvation is available for anyone through Jesus Christ. Because Jesus died on the cross for our sins everyone can have eternal life with Christ when he returns. At Mt. Gilead baptism is practiced to show that those baptized have received the salvation of the Lord. The baptized member has accepted that God died for their sins. The baptism in water signifies being cleansed by God.

There are many different ministries at Mt. Gilead; there are fourteen ministry leaders with at least four ministries under them. These ministries range from Women of Worship (WOW), praise dance, to photography and the door greeters. The church has two outreach ministries one domestic and the other international. In Richmond the church is active in opposing abortions. Members stand outside of local abortion clinics and protest in order to win the souls of those who are lost. On Friday nights members go to local homeless shelters, jails, or street corners and try to win souls for Jesus Christ. Mt. Gilead’s overseas outreach ministry has travelled to Brazil, Uganda, Australia, among other countries. The church has partnered with Shalom Outreach Ministry, a missionary organization located in Dale City, Virginia. This partnership involves ministering, providing food and clothing, and teaching about HIV and AIDS prevention.

Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries
2501 Mt. Gilead Boulevard
Richmond , VA 23235

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October, 2007



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