Divine Magic and Novelties

Divine Magic and Novelties is a spiritual goods store located on Lakeside Avenue in Richmond. The shop is owned and managed by Donna and Hun Woo who claim that it is the only “real” magic shop in the entire city. Mr. Woo reports that he was inspired to open Divine Magic and Novelties after having grown up hanging out at and working for an old Richmond magic shop that burned down prior to the opening of his own business. Local magicians and frequenters of the old shop knew him well and insisted that he start his own spiritual supply store. It was founded by the couple in September, 1992 in Midlothian but moved to its current Richmond location in October, 2001. Divine Magic and Novelties’ popularity has risen dramatically since its move to Richmond. The store supplies its clientele with a wide array of products from card and coin tricks to spiritual herbs and balms. On the inside, the store is essentially split down the middle, with one side consisting of items for lovers of magic and the sleight of hand and the other containing all of the necessities for the practicing Wicca or spiritualism. Divine Magic and Novelties also has the largest selection of spiritual roots and herbs in the state of Virginia. Although their inventory is constantly changing, the store maintains a massive variety of scented candles and incense to meet the needs of Richmond’s spiritual community. Most of the patrons are independent religious practitioners, but sales are also made to religious groups, although the store is not affiliated with any religious tradition. In addition to selling magic and spiritual items, Divine Magic and Novelties also provides what the owners refer to as a “hang out space’ for customers, many of whom are performing magicians. Ages of the customers range widely, and management does not market to any age group in particular. Lectures by notable, experienced practitioners are often held in the shop, giving amateurs and hobbyists a chance to learn from the best. Showcases and demonstrations for new products are routinely scheduled.

Divine Magic and Novelties
5409 Lakeside Avenue
Richmond , VA 23228

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Mr. Hun Woo

Profile prepared by Cory Chubb
May, 2008