Disciples for Christ Community Baptist Church

Disciples for Christ Community Baptist Church was founded in 1998 by Reverend Joseph Godfrey and other Baptists on Richmond’s Southside who were in search of a closer knit church that would

be active in the community. Originally located on Hull Street in South Richmond, the Disciples for Christ Community Baptist Church relocated to East Cary Street in 2006. Since that time, the church’s first floor has been the headquarters and place of worship for the community church. With a following of “approximately 30 people,” according to Pastor Godfrey, the Disciples for Christ is a close knit community that follows the Baptist tradition. The congregation is actively involved with the public and hosts numerous missions’ projects in alliance with the Baptist General Convention of Virginia. The church is responsible for organizing pantry and clothing drives throughout the Richmond area. Along with these activities, the church also provides after-school programs to assist those in need. Church members are currently assisting the Church Hill, Downtown, Oregon Hill and Southside regions of Richmond. In addition to these services, they regularly hold Sunday school early on Sunday morning and a late morning worship service. The church holds a revival one evening during the week.

The Disciples for Christ Community Baptist Church
1801 East Cary Street
Richmond, VA

Disciples for Christ Community Baptist Church pastor

Profile prepared by Carson Lucarelli
April, 2009




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