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There are several hundred groups of indigenous people on the North American continent.  Some are grouped together as large extended families that are called tribes, and some are organized into larger groups that are referred to as nations. The Seminoles are part of the five nations in the southeastern portion of the United States. Ron Osceola, founder of Bear Intuitions is an Elder of the Seminole Nation. In June, 2005, Ron was ordained as an Elder of the Seminole Nation, which is recognized by the state of Virginia. As a result, Osceola is authorized to conduct marriages and funerals. He offers to officiate at wedding ceremonies for couples who may encounter difficulties in being married in conventional churches. In February, 2007, Osceola was “sealed” as a healer. Osceola is employed as an Institutional Safety Officer and works with troubled youth. 

Bear Intuitions constitutes Osceola’s attempt to employ ancient Native American solutions to modern day problems. The bear is Osceola’s totem animal, which is his “spirit guide.”  He states that he relies on the intuition of the “bears” energy to guide him in his daily activities.  He is constantly using the bear introspection to gather the lessons that are given to him daily. Osceola describes himself as spiritual rather than religious. In his opinion religion in its conventional forms is a system of control, one that is increasingly being rejected by contemporary individuals. He describes his spirituality as “Earth based with a twist,” which means that he sees everything around him as sacred. From his perspective, cutting down a tree or breaking a rock is harmful to the earth. Because most people do these things, Osceola will pray and ask permission to do the work because he wants to maintain the energy that tree or rock was producing. In

Osceola’s view, God is that which holds all things together. He envisions God as in everything and doing all, knowing all, and in charge of all. Osceola regards the Universe and all that is in it as energy in many forms.  In his role as a healer, Osceola attempts to help individuals raise their body’s energy to the threshold point where the body can spontaneously heal itself. As he puts it, “I truly believe that healing is a natural part of our body and that we all have the ability to heal whatever is wrong, although sometimes out natural energy level may fall to a point where we need a bit of help.” Osceola uses a form of energetic healing called Quantum Touch, which is an energy healing modality that applies the principles of resonance and entrainment to facilitate healing. Practitioners learn to focus and amplify life-force energy, which is known as “chi” in Chinese, by combining various breathing and body awareness exercises. Life-force energy affects matter on the quantum, subatomic level and works its way up through atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, and structure.

Osceola reports that he has found a relationship between the energy centers of bodies, referred to as chakras, and the seasons of the year. The word chakra is from the Sanskrit meaning “wheels,” and these energy centers appear as wheels, according to Osceola, if one is looking straight at another person. He has developed a way to chart someone’s energy levels by using a seasonal calendar. Because each season means something particular and individual, practitioners can direct their energy path by understanding what it is they should be doing at an particular time in the year. Each season has something special to offer and when people follow this natural occurring cycle, energy is directed positively and completely cycles through our bodies normally. When someone feels distress, their energy is not flowing smoothly from one chakra to the next. Osceola describes his healing procedure as taking energy from Mother Nature and streaming it into a person to rejuvenate and heal them. The first season is Spring Equinox which encompasses the first chakra (the Sacral) and the second chakra (the Root).  Summer solstice encompasses the third chakra (the Solar Plexus) and the fourth chakra (the Heart).  Fall Equinox encompasses the fifth chakra (the Throat) and the sixth chakra (the Third Eye). The last season is winter solstice and this encompasses the seventh chakra (the Crown, which contains one’s Aura). 

Sweat lodges are another mode of healing that Osceola employs. The Sweat Lodge ceremony is an ancient purification ritual that cleanses the body, mind, and spirit of physical impurities and negative emotions. Osceola has actively participated in sweat lodges since he was fourteen years old. He has been trained over a number of years by various Elders from the Seminole, Cherokee, Crow, and Lakota traditions, which has given him a wide range of experience with traditional sweat lodge ceremonies.  

Bear Intuitions functions primarily through Osceola’s website. The website provides information about workshops, weddings, local Native American ceremonies, and Thought Exploration.

Bear Intuitions

Ron Osceola, founder of Bear Intuitions
Bear Intuitions website

Profile prepared by Kim O’Connor
May, 2008