All Saints Reformed Presbyterian Church


All Saints Reformed Presbyterian Church was established in June, 1984 as a church plant of Stony Point Reformed Presbyterian. The church rented space in First Congregational Church of Christ until July, 1986 when it bought the building. The church building has many unique features. In the center of the building is a large copper dome. In the sanctuary there are rows of stain glass that were put in place when the building was originally constructed. Another unique feature o All Saints Reformed is a stage and orchestra pit in the front of the sanctuary.

All Saints Reformed holds worship services on Sunday morning and evening. These services are usually traditional and start with a call to worship, hymn and a silent prayer. They will also have a scripture reading, a sermon by the pastor, and the Apostles’ Creed. Sunday worship services usually end with Doxology and Benediction. All Saints Reformed offers two adult Sunday school classes as well as children’s Sunday school classes for grades two through twelve on Sunday mornings. There are also covenant groups that meet twice a month on weekday evenings at member’s homes. A youth group and women’s Bible study group are offered at the church as well. All Saints Reformed offers a Christmas Eve mass, an Easter Sunday Service and a Thanksgiving service. There are about 170 members of All Saints Reformed, and about

160 that regularly attend services. Most of the membership is Caucasian families, but the majority of the churches membership commutes from outside of Richmond to the church since All Saint’s membership consists of the families formerly affiliated with the Stony Point Reformed Presbyterian Church.

All Saints Reformed also works with local organizations in Richmond, such as S.T.E.P (Strategies to Elevate People) and C.H.A.T (Church Hill Activities and Tutoring), which reach out to adults and children in the Richmond community. The church also offers a Women’s Bible Study that meets from September until May on a weekday evening and a Women’s Morning Fellowship that meets twice a month for food and conversation.

All Saints Reformed Presbyterian Church
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Profile Prepared By Alessandra CucciaOctober, 2009