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Phoebe Palmer

PHOEBE PALMER TIMELINE 1807 (December 18):  Phoebe Worrall was born in New York City to Dorothea Wade Worrall and Henry Worrall. 1827 (September 28):  Phoebe Worrall married Walter Palmer. 1836 (February 9):  The first Tuesday Meeting for the Promotion of Holiness met at the Palmer home. 1837 (July 26):  Phoebe Palmer experienced holiness. 1838:  Phoebe […]


Lois Roden

LOIS RODEN TIMELINE 1916 (August 1):  Lois Irene Scott was born in Stone County, Montana. 1937 (February 12):  Lois and Ben Roden married. 1940:  Lois and Ben Roden became members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Kilgore, Texas. 1945:  The Rodens visited the Davidians’ Mount Carmel Center, near Waco, Texas, and were disfellowshipped by their […]


Ellen Gould Harmon White

ELLEN GOULD HARMON WHITE TIMELINE 1827 (November 26):  Ellen Gould Harmon was born, with identical twin Elizabeth, in Gorham, Maine. 1840 (March):  Ellen Harmon first heard William Miller lecture in Portland, Maine. 1842 (June 26):  Ellen was baptized into her family’s Chestnut Street Methodist Church. 1843 (February–August):  Five committees were appointed in the Chestnut Street […]


Alma White

ALMA WHITE TIMELINE 1862 (June 16):  Mollie Alma Bridwell was born in Lewis County, Kentucky. 1878:  Mollie Alma Bridwell experienced conversion at a Methodist revival service conducted by William B. Godbey. 1887 (December 21):  Mollie Alma Bridwell married Kent White in Denver. 1893 (March 6):  Alma White experienced sanctification after a prolonged quest. 1896 (July […]


Amanda Berry Smith

AMANDA BERRY SMITH TIMELINE 1837 (January 23):  Amanda Berry was born to slave parents, Samuel Berry and Mariam Matthews Berry, in Long Green, Maryland. 1854 (September):  Amanda Berry married Calvin Devine who subsequently fought and died in the Civil War. 1856 (March 17):  Amanda Berry Devine was converted to Christianity. 1865:  Amanda Berry Devine married […]


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