Branch Davidian Archives


A Guide to the Lee Hancock Collection at Texas State University
Compiled by Lee Hancock
Post Date: 6/30/2013

***Assault on the Branch Davidian Community: A Photographic Retrospective
Compiled by Catherine Wessinger
Post Date: 6/30/2013

Matthew Wittmer, “Traces of Mount Carmel: Documentation and Access.”
Posted with the permission of Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions
Post Date: 7/17/2013

The Kirk D. Lyons Collection at Baylor University
Compiled by Kirk D. Lyons

Post Date: 6/302013

The Lee Hancock Collection: Federal and State Materials on the Branch Davidian Case
Author: Catherine Wessinger
Published in Nova Religio (2009). Posted with permission of Nova Religio.
Post Date:6/30/2013



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