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World Mate

WORLD MATE WORLD MATE TIMELINE 1934:  Uematsu Aiko was born. 1951 (March 18):  Handa Haruhisa (aka Fukami Seizan [until 1994] and thereafter Fukami Tōshū) was born in Hyōgo Prefecture. c. 1960:  Handa Shihoko, Fukami’s mother, joined Sekai Kyūseikyō and began to visit its local church with Fukami. c. 1966:  Fukami received from Sekai Kyūseikyō an […]


Seicho no Ie

SEICHŌ NO IE ( 生長の家) SEICHŌ NO IE TIMELINE 1893  Taniguchi Masaharu was born. 1920  Taniguchi Masaharu married Emori Teruko. 1922  Taniguchi left Ōmoto after its suppression in 1921. 1923  Taniguchi’s only child Emiko was born shortly after the major earthquake in Tokyo. 1929-1933  Taniguchi received twenty nine divine revelations. 1930 (March)  The first issue […]


Sōka Gakkai

SŌKA GAKKAI SŌKA GAKKAI TIMELINE 1871 (6 th day of the 6 th month):  Makiguchi Tsunesaburō, founder of Sōka Kyōiku Gakkai (Value Creation Education Study Association), was born Watanabe Chōshichi in a town now called Kashiwazaki, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. He was adopted at the age of six into the Makiguchi family and moved to Otaru, […]



TENSHINSEIKYŌ TENSHINSEIKYŌ TIMELINE 1882:  Shimada Heikichi, the older brother of the founder Shimada Seiichi, was born in Ōgoe Village, Saitama. 1892:  Tenshin Ōmikami first appeared to Shimada Heikichi, predicting the birth of his younger brother Shimada Seiichi, who became the founder known as Shodai-sama. 1892:  Heikichi began performing miracles, such as curing blindness and “spirit […]


Risshō Kōseikai

RISSHŌ KŌSEIKAI RISSHŌ KŌSEIKAI TIMELINE 1889 (December 25):  Naganuma Myōkō was born as Naganuma Masa in Saitama. 1906 (November 15):  Niwano Nikkyō was born as Niwano Shikazō in Suganuma, Niigata. 1925:  Niwano Nikkyō left his home village for Tokyo. There he met Ishihara Yoshitarō, who introduced him to the study of divination techniques. 1932:  Niwano […]


God Light Association

GOD LIGHT ASSOCIATION TIMELINE 1945:  Takahashi returned from Burma after the Pacific War to a defeated Japan and moved from Nagano to Tokyo. 1960s:  Takahashi initiated the Saturday Association (Doyō Kai ), informal meetings based on his spiritual experiences held on Saturday evenings in his home in the Minato Ward of Tokyo. 1968 (November):  Takahashi […]


Covert Shin Buddhists

COVERT SHIN BUDDHISTS TIMELINE 1263:  Shinran, the reputed founder of Shin Buddhism, died. 1499:  Rennyo died. Although critical of secret teaching in his pastoral letters, he purportedly entrusted the “true” secret teachings to the laity rather than priests. 1722:  Tsukiji, a Shin Buddhist temple, issued an edict that prohibits the practices of covert Shin Buddhists. […]


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