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 HILLSONG TIMELINE 1954:  Brian Houston was born in Auckland, New Zealand. 1974:  Houston graduated from Bible College in Auckland. 1977:  Houston’s father, Frank, founded the Christian Life Centre in Sydney, Australia. Brian married Bobbie Houston in New Zealand. 1978:  Brian and Bobbie Houston moved to Sydney. 1983:  Brian and Bobbie Houston planted a separate church, […]


Answers in Genesis

ANSWERS IN GENESIS TIMELINE 1951:  Ken Ham was born in Cairns, Australia. 1980:  After teaching public school, Ham and his wife, Mally, decided to minister full time and founded the Creation Science Foundation (CSF). 1980:  Dr. Carl Wieland handed over his magazine, Creation, to CSF. Ham merged Wieland’s Creation Science Association into the Creation Science Foundation. […]


Articles, Papers and Dissertations

ARTICLES AND PAPERS Vassillios Adrahtas, “Dancing Up Circular Quay: Indigenous Australian Popular Culture, Hybridization, and the Local Performance of the Glocal.” Vassilios Adrahtas, “Prolegomena to the History of Indigenous Australian Prophetic Consciousness.” Zoe Alderton, “Nick Cave: A Journey from an Anglican God to the Creative Christ.” Zoe Alderton, “The Limits of Taste: Politics, Aesthetics, and […]


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