Nancy Carol James

Nancy Carol James received a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Virginia for her dissertation titled The Apophatic Mysticism of Madame Guyon. Based on this scholarship, she has published fourteen books on Madame Guyon, the spirituality of Pure Love, and theosis. Her most well-known books are The Complete Madame Guyon (Paraclete Press 2011) and Guyon’s translated Biblical Commentaries and Emblem books (Wipf and Stock). In 2021, James along with Fr. Thomas P. Kuffel published The Ascent to God: Divine Theosis Revealed and Realized in the Teaching of John Paul II. Catholic Bishop Chad Zeilinski, the Bishop of New Ulm, wrote the introduction for the book. Bishop of Honolulu Larry Silva and Cecilia Ann Rezac, Vicar General of the Marian Sisters, endorsed Ascent to God, which received the imprimatur. Dr. Paul Haffner of Pontifical Gregorian University writes in his endorsement of James’ Jeanne Guyon’s Mystical Perfection through Eucharistic Suffering (Wipf and Stock 2020), “Nancy James has become the key and leading expert on Guyon and her invitation to understand the Guyon spirituality better is to be greatly welcomed and appreciated.”