Ethan Doyle White

Ethan Doyle White PhD specializes in the religions of early medieval England and in modern Paganism and related forms of occultism. He is the author of Wicca: History, Belief, and Community in Modern Pagan Witchcraft (Sussex Academic Press, 2016) and co-editor of Magic and Witchery in the Modern West (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019). His published research has covered such topics as the modern Pagan use of archaeological monuments, the influence of occultism in the music of David Bowie, and the revived worship of Hadrian’s deified lover Antinous. He is currently on the editorial board of Reading Religion, the review website of the American Academy of Religion.

Ethan Doyle White is serving as the Senior Project Director of WRSP’s Interview Forum. He has served as interview host for a number of interviews on Interview Forum: David G. Robinson (Conspiracy Theories, Gnosticism and the Critical Study of Religion), Bron Taylor (“From the California Beaches to Dark Green Religion”), Sarah M. Pike (“Pagan Festivals, Burning Man, and Ritual in Radical Environmentalism”), Manon Hedenberg White (“From Thelma to Santa Muerte”), Dale Evans (“Developing the Study of Western Esotericism”), Kaarina Aitamurto (“From Rodnoverie to Islam: Religious Minorities in Modern Russia”), Jennifer Snook (“Heathenry in the United States”), Jefferson Calico (“Heathens in America”), Jennifer Snook (“Heathenry in the United States”), Amy Hale (“Paganism, Celtic Culture, and Ithell Colquhoun”), Aled Thomas (“Free Zone Scientology”), Joseph Laycock (“Vampires, Baysider Catholics, D&D, and The Satanic Temple”), and Helen Berger (“From the Witch Trials to Wicca”).

He has also authored three WRSP profiles: The New Cultus of Antinous  Janet Farrar, and the Minoan Brotherhood