Andrew Ventimiglia

Dr. Andrew Ventimiglia is an Assistant Professor of Mass Media with a specialization in media law and ethics in the School of Communication at Illinois State University. His research focuses on the history and cultural effects of intellectual property law. His first book, Copyrighting God: Ownership of the Sacred in American Religion was published by Cambridge University Press in 2019. He was formerly a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the TC Beirne School of Law at University of Queensland. He was awarded his PhD in Cultural Studies from University of California – Davis in 2015, during which he conducted research into the intersection of religion and intellectual property law in the American spiritual marketplace. While at UC Davis, Dr. Ventimiglia also worked at the Center for Science and Innovation Studies and the Science and Technology Studies program. Dr. Ventimiglia additionally holds a Master of Arts in Cinema Studies and a Certificate from the Culture and Media Program from New York University.