Maija Penttilä

Maija Penttilä (neé Turunen) is an Adjunct Professor (Docent) in Church and Social Studies at the University of Helsinki. She works as a university lecturer at the Department of Practical Theology. Penttilä has conducted empirical research on the neo-charismatic movement in Russia, the Russian Orthodox Church and the religiosity of younger generations in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Her newest research concerns Russian-speaking communities of worship and religious transnationalism in Finland. Penttilä has published actively in both international and national journals, for example in Religion, State and Society and the Nordic Journal of Religion and Society. She is also the author of Faith in the Heart of Russia: The Religiosity of post-Soviet University Students (Kikimora Publications). In 2010, she edited ‘Kirkot ja uskonnot itäisessä Euroopassa’ (Edita) [Churches and Religions in Eastern Europe].