Sharyn Graham Davies


Sharyn Graham Davies is Associate Professor in the School of Social Sciences and Public Policy at AUT University in New Zealand. Sharyn is the author of two books, Gender Diversity in Indonesia (Routledge) and Challenging Gender Norms (Thomson/Wadsworth). Sharyn is also co-editor, with Linda Bennett, of Sex and Sexualities in Contemporary Indonesia (Routledge), which won the 2015 Ruth Benedict Prize awarded by the American Anthropology Association and the 2016 International Convention of Asian Scholars prize. Sharyn has held several visiting scholar positions, including Fulbright visiting scholar at Yale (2014), Leverhulme Visiting Professor at Cambridge (2015) and at Peking University (2017). In addition to her research on gender and sexuality in Indonesia, Sharyn has also published on the gender pay gap in Aotearoa/New Zealand.


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