WBTK 1380A.M., Radio Poder

WBTK has been broadcasting since 1926; however, it has only been in its current format as Radio Poder since 2006. Poder, “to be able to” in Spanish also means power, and that is why the name was chosen. Over the years, the station has been owned by a number of companies. The current owner is New Jersey based Mount Rich media, which also owns two other Christian Spanish-language speaking stations. Radio Poder offers Spanish Christian music and Spanish talk radio. It is

the first Spanish-language Christian station in Richmond. Music styles ranging from reggaeton to salsa can be heard on the station. Speakers for the broadcasts include regular disc jockeys as well as local preachers and ministers that make guest appearances or sometimes even host their own shows. The studios are located on Broad Street in Richmond, and their broadcasts reach across the metro Richmond area as far as Petersburg, Fredericksburg, Powhatan County, and King and Queen County. Their broadcasts specifically target Spanish-language speakers; however, the station prides itself on providing family-friendly programming suitable for all ages.

WBTK 1380A.M., Radio Poder
3600 West Broad Street STE 696
Richmond, VA 23230

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Profile prepared by Julie Miller
February, 2009