Eckankar in Richmond
Eckankar has had a brief history in Richmond. Exact membership figures are unknown since they do not publish them. Richmond members opened their first worship center in the early 1990’s. Members gather on Sundays to meditate and practice the HU sing. They also have special meetings and seminars held throughout the week. Members will also watch movies that provide significant spiritual messages. Group discussions on core topics of Eckankar are also a part the meetings. Some members also make frequent trips to Eckankar’s headquarters in Chanhassen, Minnesota to receive spiritual guidance. Since Eckankar is a nonexclusive religion you will find that members come from various religious backgrounds. Participation in the organization is worked out at your own pace. Members go through a period of learning and become initiated into different levels. Although, initiation into the first level usually occurs after the first year, other initiations can occur as soon as you are ready. In 1993, Eckankar was invited to join the Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond.

Virginia Satsang Society, Inc.
South Port Office Park
581 A Southlake Boulevard
Richmond, Va 32236


Phone: (804) 378-7815

profiled by James Brame (July 2005)