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Village of Faith Ministries is a non-denominational, diverse congregation that teaches the Word of God that tries to exhibit a lifestyle of praise and worship . Their primary mission is to teach families with a simple Gospel message that will hmmake a difference in the world.

The Village of Faith was established by Pastor Michael J. Jones and his wife Pastor Tanya Jones. Pastor Michael J. Jones first pastored at Mangohick Baptist Church in Hanover County and then Fourth Baptist Church in Richmond . During the year of 2005, Pastors Michael and Tanya Jones decided that after serving in a conventional church setting that it was time to begin a ministry of their own that had a different approach in teaching their communities about the word of God. In the first service that Village of Faith had over 150 people attend and during the first year their congregation rose to reach over 400 people. In 2006, Village of Faith Ministry opened its second location in Chesterfield County on Easter Sunday that service had over 500 people in attendance. Today, the ministry has over 850 members that have joined.

At Village of Faith they are instilling “Village Values” on their congregation. The “Village Values” consist of fours values that are empowering individuals, impacting communities, celebrating life and sharing faith.


Through the first value empowering individuals the Village of Faith Ministry are doing so by teaching persons how to live a ‘Spirit-filled’ life filled with a purpose, control, enthusiasm and prosperity. Village of Faith believes that these “Kingdom Principles” will guide you into the empowered “Kingdom Lifestyle” that God intends for you to experience. They want every supporter at the “Village” to be the best that they can be.


Village of Faith Ministry second values is impacting the communities in which they live. They believe that it is their essential belief that their communities should be better because they are striving to grow in everyday life.


The third value is celebrating life. They want to help you and your family to develop a lifestyle of worship and praise. They believe there is no better way to celebrate life and keep everything in perspective than by worshipping and praising God. They invite you to stand and celebrate with them as they enjoy worship and praise through music, dance and song. They believe everyday is filled with opportunities and hope from being in relationship with God. They will teach you practical principals on how you can celebrate life every day of the week.


Under the “Village Values” Sharing our Faith is the fourth value. The Village is filled with Christians who are willing to share their faith with everyone they know. They are so excited about God, their Church and their Pastors, that they are willing tell all of their friends and family about their experience. They believe that once you have attended one of their services you will be prepared, empowered and thrilled about the transformation taking place in your life.



At Village of Faith Ministry they conduct numerous activites and services within the congregation. Just to name a few they have leadership training programs, a praise and dance team, family and friend’s day and “Super Saturday New Member Classes”. They have a “Student Ministry” for the youth of the church which conducts church lock-ins packed with fun filled games, Christian music and loaded with lots of pizza. They have a “Men of Vision” ministry dedicated to the men of the church.


If you can’t make it to a Village of Faith church service you can tune in on your television every Sunday at 9:00am on CW Richmond 65.



Every Sunday 9:00 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.
Varina High School Auditorium
7053 Messer Road
Richmond , VA   23231
Phone (804) 652-2005

Every Sunday 11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Manchester Middle School Auditorium
7401 Hull Street
Richmond , VA   23235
Phone (804) 652-2005


Village of Faith Ministry Staff Members


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