Victory Tabernacle Church of God
Musical Presentation at Victory Tabernacle
Musical Presentation at Victory Tabernacle

Victory Tabernacle is a multi-cultural Church of God in Midlothian. The church is part of the Church of God International denomination located in Cleveland Tennessee. The denomination was founded in 1886 and opened its first Bible College in 1918. Control over local churches comes from the centralized leadership of the denomination’s offices. Denominational leaders are approved by the biennial General Assembly, which is comprised of laity and clergy from churches worldwide. The “First Overseer” conducts the general business of the denomination. There are four ranks of the clergy: ordained bishops, ordained ministers, exhorters, and ministers in music and education. In addition to Victory Chapel, the Richmond area has eleven other congregations of the Church of God International.

A priority for Victory Tabernacle and for the Church of God International is fulfilling the Church’s social obligation. In its efforts to return America to Christian values, the church and denomination support Evangelical politicians and work for pro-life and family-friendly-legislation.

The church’s small group program, called “Connecting Points” unites people by common interests rather than by the common method of geography or Bible-study topic. The areas of interest range from classes on apologetics and effective prayer to groups that meet for scrapbooking, NASCAR, fantasy sports and video game tournaments. For those who are interested, the church also provides a program for determining and developing one’s “spiritual gifts;” it is something akin to a personality and aptitude testing for work in churches. A group called “Prime Time” recruits active seniors for volunteer work in the community.

The church has a variety of ministries to help families and individuals in need. In addition to a food pantry, the church has a clothes closet and a counseling ministry, called Walking in Victory, that offers prayer and counseling services to church members as well as the general public. Those seeking marriage, anger-management and addiction counseling, as well as those seeking conflict-resolution services, are evaluated at Walking for Victory; those requiring specialized care are referred to local, licensed therapists.

Victory Tabernacle holds two weekly worship services, one on Sunday morning and the other on Wednesday evening. On Sunday evenings, the church’s classes for religious education meet. On Wednesday night, the church’s youth group holds its own worship service called Fusion. The church also holds services for the Hispanic population of Richmond. The pastor for this group is Juan Carlos, who began serving at the church with his wife Maria Rocca in 2004.

Victory Tabernacle Church-God
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Midlothian, VA 23112

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Profile prepared by Christine Woodman
January, 2009