Varina Episcopal Church

Varina Episcopal Church was started by a small group of Lutherans and Methodists who met to discuss Bible study and the Christian religion. They all brought their ideas of jointly forming an established group and met at the current location of Varina Elementary School. In 1925, they bought land in the Varina District in hopes of establishing an Episcopal Church. The small congregation received permission of the Bishop to become a separate parish, and they began planning for the building of their Church. In that same year, Varina Episcopal Church was authorized by the Bishop to establish its own parish, Henrico Parish. The current Parish house was built to provide more room at the church in 1955. The congregation grew in the late 1960s, and an expansion to the premises was needed. Offices and more classrooms were added to the building in the 1970s to help accommodate the growing congregation.

Varina Episcopal Church holds a morning formation service each Sunday before the main service. The formation service allows children to learn more about the faith and allows adults to discuss a range of topics from the Bible. Varina Episcopal holds one contemporary Rite II service each Sunday. The Rite II ceremony is consists of more music and more involvement from the children in the congregation than the traditional Rite I service. Children are involved with the service by participating in the music program, ushering, and helping with the Communion Table during the service. There is a hospitality session immediately after the Rite II service when adults and children congregate for fellowship.

There are several ways members can be involved in the programs at Varina Episcopal Church. There has been an active music program at Varina Episcopal Church since its inception. The choir performs each week with different adult and children congregational members. There is also a small hand bell choir that performs during the Sunday service. The Episcopal Church Women’s Group meets once a month to discuss fellowship at Varina Episcopal and discuss fundraising ideas. The Youth Group provides an opportunity for those in middle and high school to meet monthly for Bible reading and recreation.

The Great Depression was a turning point for the outreach programs at Varina Episcopal Church. This was the first time the church had an opportunity to show their support in the community, a tradition they have continued. The congregation is continuously collecting food for needy families in the Varina area. Individual members participate in the Congregations About Richmond Involved To Assure Shelter (CARITAS), helping to provide food and shelter for the homeless in Richmond. Varina Episcopal Church also funds a scholarship for a deserving high school graduate from Varina High School.

Varina Episcopal Church
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Profile prepared by Robbin Arrington
February, 2008