Trinity Episcopal School

The idea for Trinity was born when a steering committee, responding to concerns about bussing white children during the civil rights movement, began planning for the school. In June of 1971 the steering committee was granted a charter, and became the school’s first Board of Directors. Initially the school was located at St. Michael‘s school. In September of 1971 the Board of Directors agreed to buy a thirty acre plot of land for the school buildings, and the first school session was held on September 8,1972 at All Saint Episcopal Church. The first building was occupied November 8, 1972. This was made possible by a generous donation of $86,000 given by the Episcopal Right Carpenter Charitable Foundation.

Each day at Trinity begins with a chapel meeting in the school’s auditorium. Chapel consists of daily announcements and guest speakers. Speakers from Sikh, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, and Hindu traditions have made presentations during chapel. At the conclusion of chapel the students rise to say the pledge of allegiance, which is followed by a prayer. Muslim and Hindu students as well as Christian students have read prayers during chapel. Eucharist is held twice a year in the chapel, once before Christmas and once before Easter. The primary presence of the Christian tradition at chapel is the presiding priest and the Eucharist.

Trinity Episcopal School offers a very progressive learning environment. Trinity’s motto is “Discover your own path.” As the school website states:

This is Trinity, a school unlike any other in the Richmond area. Here you will find an extraordinary environment for learning and growing, a nurturing ground for individual talents and interests, a place where undiscovered strengths and potential are realized — all within the framework of a challenging academic program.

Students are given considerably more freedom than students in a public school would receive. At Trinity students are encouraged to pursue their interests. They are not required to take any specific courses with the exception of religion classes. The religion classes that are taught at Trinity Episcopal School include the Old Testament, New Testament, World Religion, and Faith and Film (Systematic Doctrines). As they begin each academic year, students are encouraged to look forward rather than looking back at the previous year’s progress or failures.

One of the most important educational programs at Trinity Episcopal is the International Baccalaureate Program. This is an extensive two year program that prepares students for college. Students in the program are required to complete numerous assignments outside of a classroom setting. All of their work is independent study, and student schedules are arranged based on the strengths and enthusiasm of each student.

The student body at Trinity Episcopal is quite diverse. It includes students from Protestant and Catholic Christian, Islamic, Hindu, and Jewish traditions. There are actually more Catholics enrolled in the school than Episcopalians. In addition, there are many international students. The school is co-educational and serves students in grades eight throught twelve.

Trinity Episcopal School
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Profile prepared by Wallace Wayne Pitts Jr.
April, 2007