Theology on Tap

Theology on Tap is an interfaith spiritual support group that meets Monday evenings at Bogart‘s restaurant. The meetings usually consist of five to eight college students, although it’s open to all who may be interested in joining. Theology on Tap is a group that advocates non-violence, religious tolerance, and ecological awareness. Those attending are primarily members of Christian faiths, but other religious traditions are welcome.

The group was started by Roberto Celis, who reports that he tired of going to the bar, watching sports events, and carrying conversations with little significance. In October of 2007, he and a few others created Theology on Tap, a group of students that enjoyed the bar atmosphere but wanted to form more personal friendships that included a spiritual component. Celis originally held the meetings at Mojo’s Bar but moved to Bogart’s after concluding that the televisions and noisy environment created too many distractions. The more personal friendships allow the group to share opinions and learn from each other, have accountability with one another, and support each other through the challenges encountered in daily life. Theology on Tap was subsequently recognized as an official student group at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Every meeting starts with a practice the members call “Good thing/ Bad thing” where they go around the circle telling each other two good things and one bad thing that have happened since their last meeting. The reasoning behind this practice is that they feel that “Life is twice as good as it is bad.” After everyone in the meeting has reported their “Good thing/Bad thing,” the meeting proceeds to the discussion of the week in which a topic that faces everyone is discussed. During the discussion, the vice president leads the discussion and is designated to keep everyone from going too far off topic. When necessary, there is a Bible on site to look up verses. After the meeting is over the group retires to the back room and sings karaoke.

Theology on Tap
Bogart’s Restaurant and Bar
203 North Lombardy Street
Richmond, VA 23220

Theology on Tap participants

Profile prepared by Kevin Garrett
March, 2008