Saint Paul’s Baptist Church

Saint Paul’s Baptist Church was established on Botetourt Street in 1909, and Reverend George D. Pinkney was selected as minister. The church adopted the motto: “Onward and Upward for Christ.” This predominantly black church has moved several times and had several pastors between its founding and 1985. After the naming of a new pastor in 1985, the church was able to purchase 47 acres of land at Creighton Road and Laburnum Avenue.

On June 12, 2005, Weatherford Memorial Baptist Church decided to give its buildings located at 700 East Belt Boulevard to Saint Paul’s. This is now the location of the church’s south campus. With two campuses, Saint Paul’s has now grown to a membership of over six thousand. Saint Paul’s describes its mission as to “empower people to grow in every aspect of their lives into the persons that God created them to be.” Worship services for the north campus are held on Sunday mornings and for the south campus on Saturday afternoons. There is also a children’s church that is offered for children on designated Sundays. The church supports a variety of ministries, such as education, community care, music and art. Volunteering for these programs is encouraged.

As the church continues to grow, so does the diversity of its operations. Saint Paul’s sponsors Charisma Books & Gifts, Destiny Child Development Center, Destiny Child Christian Academy, Destiny Center of Performing Arts, Nia Inc., Positive Power Media, and SPBC Credit Union. The weekly worship service is now accessible on TV through different cable stations locally and nationally. Charisma Bookstore is located inside the North Campus. It is a non-profit Christian bookstore that sells products such as books, great music, stimulating messages on CDs and DVDs and more. The store is open most days of the week and when major events are held at the church.

Destiny Child Development Center, Christian Academy and the performing arts center are all located on the north campus. These institutions were founded to help in the development of the youth who attend the church. SPBC Credit Union was established to provide members with convenient banking services through someone they trust. Any member or relative of a member of the Saint Paul’s Baptist Church is eligible to join, and only a small deposit is required to establish a savings account for life. According to the church website, Positive Power Media is a non-profit religious corporation operating in partnership with Saint Paul’s Baptist Church. Positive Power, through a variety of broadcast mediums, shares the powerful and provocative preaching and teaching ministry of Dr. Lance Watson with national and international audiences on a weekly basis. Nia is a faith-based community development center that was formed in 1992. Its main objectives include community service, financial stewardship, health and wellness, housing and homeownership, small business development, workforce development, and youth and family services.

Saint Paul’s Baptist Church
North Campus
4247 Creighton Road
Richmond , VA 23223

Saint Paul’s Baptist Church
South Campus
700 East Belt Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23223

St. Paul ’s Baptist Church website
Saint Paul ’s Representative

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January, 2009



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