The Stone Goddess Rock Shop

With its knotty pine walls and the scent of cedar incense burning, the Stone Goddess Rock Shop is truly a world apart. Owner Carole Sieburth has felt a connection to nature since childhood. She spent much of her early life outdoors enjoying New England ‘s pastoral beauty. Her love of nature was, in part, the motivation for opening the shop over eight years ago. She had the desire to share her sense of connectedness with the diverse variety of individuals who might enter the shop: people looking for anything from a pretty tumbled stone to a wand for use in energy work. Children are more than welcome to enjoy the shop. There is no look-but-don’t-touch policy in place to protect the plethora of fossils like arrowheads, shark’s teeth, and petrified wood. Sieburth believes that children need to have more communion with nature in this, an ever-increasingly plastic world. There are stones from all over the world and beyond: places including Arizona , China , the Baltic, and Outer Space.

The customer base ranges from collectors, jewelers, the metaphysical community, and individuals looking for healing stones.The shop offers a myriad of healing crystals for individuals who practice the chakras, There are wands and amulets available for magic or energy work and channeling. Others may simply be looking for a unique piece for enhancing the home or garden. In addition to the huge selection of jewelry and stones, and gifts, the Stone Goddess has a small bookstore where customers may obtain volumes on herbal medicine, meditation and spirituality, gemstones, and more. The Stone Goddess embodies Richmond ‘s emphasis on the importance independent businesses in the community. In this unique shop visitors can temporarily step away from the hustle of modern life and enjoy the too-often forgotten splendor the earth has to offer.

The Stone Goddess Rock Shop
10017 Jefferson Davis Highway
Richmond , VA 23237

Interview with proprietor

Profile prepared by Chrissie L. Griffith
December, 2007