Saint Gertrude High School

St. Gertrude High School is an independent Catholic school that is designed for girls in grades nine through twelve who seek college preparatory education. It was originally built in 1913 as a home for the Benedictine Sisters who at the time taught at Saint Mary’s School located in downtown of Richmond . The school consisted of only two rooms that were used as an elementary school and a care center for exceptional children. In 1922 the high school educational program affiliated with the Catholic University of America was transferred to Saint Gertrude when a school for girls in Bristow , Virginia was closed. After renovations in 1972, the building housed new classrooms, library, Media Center , Athletic facilities and lab rooms.

The school defines its mission as providing young women with a strong preparatory college foundation and inspiring them to challenge themselves through actions, critical thinking, and faith. St. Gertrude works to develop values of moral character, hospitality, community, and spirituality. Since tuition does not cover the expenses of technology, athletic equipment, financial aid, and other costs, the Annual Fund is a significant source of financial support for the school. Saint Gertrude High School is accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The National Association of Independent Schools, National Catholic Education Association and Virginia Council for Private Education are among the Associations to which Saint Gertrude belongs. St. Gertrude is open to all students without regard to religion, race, ethnicity, or disability.

A variety of groups and activities are available to St. Gertrude students. There is a support system for incoming freshman through the Big Sister/ Little Sister program in which a ninth grader is pair up with a eleventh grader, a relationship that continues throughout the four years of high school and offers guidance and friendship. Student Outreach to Society is lead by the Theology Department at Saint Gertrude and promotes one of the essential parts of the school’s mission, community service. The entire school participates in the projects that involve sponsoring annual food drive benefits, tutoring at neighboring elementary schools, delivering meals to shut-ins, serving food at Freedom House, visiting nursing homes. At Christmas time, the school organizes a project called Christmas Giving Program that adopts twenty children from a Learning Center and donates toys and clothing items. A wide variety of fine and performing arts groups also are offered, such as an Ensemble, Chorus, Handbell Choir, a cappella group, and full Broadway-style productions group. This variety of music, art, and drama leads to special days at the school where they produce and present to the community the Fall Musical and Spring Play.

Students are encouraged to join one or more of the fifteen clubs that the school supports. The clubs promote discussion of multicultural issues, learning about alternative cultural traditions and customs, as well as many other activities that range from robotics to drama and government. An extension of the core values and mission of the school as a whole is the Athletic Department. From the school’s perspective athletics is a way to emphasize the teamwork and commitment that will stimulate a healthy development and lifestyle. St. Gertrude offers teams in sports that include tennis, volleyball, golf, and soccer.

St. Gertrude High School
3215 Stuart Avenue
Richmond , VA 23221

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Profile prepared by Lilian Martins
December, 2007