St. Francis Home

St. Francis Home was founded by the Catholic Diocese of Richmond in 1973. Qualifying seniors over the age of fifty are candidates for residency. The facility is comprised of multiple living quarters that

offer a range of accommodations. The Jordan, Ligouri, and Vesey areas accommodate sixty-two residents each in thirty-six private rooms and thirteen double occupancy rooms. These areas include the main dining room, six lounges equipped with TVs, reading and game areas, a beauty-nook, activities room and designated smoking area. Sullivan Place, a fall of 2004 addition, accommodates forty-three residents in thirty-two private rooms and six suites for couples. The Sullivan Place includes a dining atrium, three lounges, a hair-care salon, a convenience store, a party kitchen, and an activities area. Smoking is allowed only in designated outside porches. The total capacity for St. Francis Home is one hundred and six guests.

All resident rooms and baths are protected with an emergency call system which is monitored 24 hour-a-day and by an automatic fire alarm and fire suppression sprinkler system that is monitored on- and off-site. All exits in the facility remain unlocked from the inside, but are monitored by a security alarm system during the evening through morning. Resident areas include access to a scenic outdoor garden oasis with walking paths, bird sanctuary, fish pond, miniature golf, and patios. Every Sunday residents have the option of taking a van to Sacred Heart, receiving in-room communion from St. Edwards, or attending a service from the Church of the Nazarene. Throughout the week residents are give the option of attending a Baptist Church service. Bible study is also offered throughout the month.

St. Francis Home
2511 Wise Street
Richmond , VA 23225-3952

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Profile prepared by Julie Miller
March, 2009