St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church

St Elizabeth’s Church was founded in 1923. Fritz Sitterling donated the money and land for the building of St. Elizabeth;s. Sitterling made this in honor of his mother and deceased daughter. Mass was first celebrated by Father Louis Rowen on July 3, 1923 on the front porch of the Sitteriling home. The first floor of the Sitterling home was used as a chapel for St. Elizabeth’s until the completion of the church around Christmas of 1925.

Today St. Elizabeth’s has approximately one hundred and ten parishioners. Many of the church members are retired. The majority of the parishioners at St. Elizabeth’s are African Americans. Masses are celebrated Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. St. Elizabeth’s has a gospel choir. The main social outreach program is the ministry for individuals with AIDS. Many of the parishioners are nurses and work with about five other churches in this ministry.

St. Elizabeth’s Church
2712 Second Avenue
1301 Victor St.
Richmond, VA 23222

Rev. Andrew Sagayam
Gerald P Fogarty, S.J. Commonwealth Catholicism.

Profile prepared by Catherine Beil
March, 2007



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