Richmond Citadel (Corps)

The Corps serves as the ministry’s church location for spiritual guidance and outreach. It has been a major part of the Richmond Community for decades and has been at its current location on Orcutt Lane since the 1980’s. The Citadel is currently led by Pastor/Major Curt Sayre and Captain Natalie Sayre.

The Corps in Richmond serves not only as a center for worship and service, but also provides community outreach activities. There are activities almost every day of the week. On Sundays there is a morning worship service and an evening praise service for adults along with a Sunday school for children. Monday is youth night; Wednesday is senior night; Thursday is Bible study, Women’s ministry, and Men’s Club night; Friday is teen night. In addition to worship services and Bible study groups, the Corps offers a Sunday school, music program, senior programs, a summer day camp, youth activities and volunteer outreach for men, women and children. The music ministry includes a brass band composed of members of the Corps.

To help build strong character and nurture Christian faith in youth, the Corps has weekly scouting programs for boys and girls. They are called, Sunbeams for elementary school girls, Girl Guards for older girls and Adventure Corps for boys. Youth also have the opportunity to learn music education in the chorus or by learning to play the brass instruments. There is also a fine arts program.

The church follows the same traditions as it did over 100 years ago, with their officers or laymen holding military-like ranks. Corps officers are required to wear their uniforms during church services and corps business. The church is also distinctive in its requirement that unmarried female officers are required to marry within the church and must give up their positions if they marry non-members. The church consists of approximately 50 members who come from all walks of life. The corps officers are made up of sergeants or deacons. The congregation is ethnically mixed with around 60 percent Caucasian and 40 percent African American.

Richmond Citadel
5327 Orcutt Lane
P. O. Box 24249
Richmond, VA 23224
(804) 745-5524

Profile prepared by Amanda Sandiford
December, 2006