ReJOYce in Jesus Ministries

The ReJOYce in Jesus Ministries was organized by Pastor Chester C. Pipkin, Jr. at Pepperdine University on September 6, 1974. Pepperdine is named for its founder, George Pepperdine, who is also the founder of Western Auto Supply Company. Pepperdine University is affiliated with the Churches of Christ but welcomes students of all faith traditions. Since 1974, the campus ministry has spread nationwide to locations in Texas, Illinois, and Virginia.

The Richmond congregational unit for ReJOYce in Jesus can be found just north of the Virginia Commonwealth University campus. Founded Spetember 6, 1978, it was the first non-denominational charismatic church in Richmond. This organization was a pioneer of sorts, paving the way for other non-denominational charismatic organizations. The congregation was considered “roaming” until 1991, when it made a sanctuary out of the building that formerly housed The Virginia Book Company. In 1998, the church was able to add offices and an area for fellowship in space that was once an ice cream parlor and then a Vietnamese restaurant.

ReJOYce in Jesus is considered a full-gospel ministry as it incorporates the belief in miracles, healing, casting out of demons, and glossolalia. While it is not an on-campus ministry, it is an available resource for students. Services are held on Saturday evenings in order to offer local students and youth the opportunity to worship as an evening alternative. There are also activities offered for children on Saturday nights. ReJOYce in Jesus also participates in VCU’s Fall Festival as a welcome to new students, hosts Christian movie nights, and sponsors an end of semester event called Code Out. While nearly twenty-five percent of the congregation is composed of students, the remaining members are mostly teachers and local professionals.

The original Los Angeles and the Richmond locations are the only two congregations that have grown from the campus ministry. From these two locations, a Christian television show called “Time in the Word” is recorded and broadcast in the U.S. and Canada. This television ministry is broadcast on the Black Family Channel as well as through Christian satellite companies, including Sky Angel.

ReJOYce in Jesus Ministries
406 Shafer Street
Richmond, VA 23220


Profile prepared by: Alexis Liverman
April, 2007