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Reiki with the Angels is an emerging tradition of faith healing that was founded by Richmond native, Ellen Mahloy Wheeler. Ms. Wheeler is in the process of starting a religious order for healers, has written a book about her system of healing, and teaches others the practice.

The ministry combines two healing modalities, the angelic traditions and Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese healing tradition based on the belief that humans have life-energy flowing through them, and that if that energy is interrupted or muted, the person becomes ill or dies. The Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit through which energy is redirected or positive energy is introduced to the recipient. Practitioners consider it to be analogous to the Christian tradition of “laying on of hands.”

Because of the group’s emphasis on work with angels, and the fact that angels are part of most world religions, Reiki with the Angels sees itself as a complementary practice for people of all faiths, including Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism. In the group’s beliefs, angels surround people in their daily lives and can intervene or offer guidance. The practitioners believe that they have a form of connection with an angel (or angels) who guides them in their practice of Reiki, allowing them to discern which kinds of healing would be most beneficial for a specific client.

Although the group has no official holidays or public rituals, those desiring to become practitioners participate in a ritual called the Sacred Ceremony of Attunement. In the ceremony, a Reiki master-teacher instructs the initiates in a process of sacred meditation that allows them to attune themselves to the energy of the universe, strengthening the person’s chakras and etheric field. During the meditation, new practitioners discovers their source for healing powers and connects to the universe in a way that allows them to drop the illusion of separateness from the universe. The new healer is then able to transmit healing light to those in need.

To become a practitioner, one must complete five levels of practitioner training. The group has an ethical policy for practitioners as well as a code of Sacred Contracts. Those seeking healing are thought to have formed a Sacred Contract with a healer before birth in the spiritual world. This eliminates competition for clients, since it is the sacred obligation of a practitioner to support a sacred contract. Practicality, this means that one practitioner cannot “poach” another’s clients. In fact, sometimes during the first session with a new client, a practitioner will sense that the client has a Sacred Contract with another healer and refer the new client to that healer.

Ms. Wheeler states that she came to Reiki seeking a cure for an illness which Western medicine could not name, let alone cure. In 2001, she took the first level of training to become a Reiki practitioner, not with the plan to treat others, but rather to heal herself. Ms. Wheeler was able to heal herself, and by 2003 when she married a man she met in her study of Reiki, she was completely well. For a wedding present, she and her husband received the second level of Reiki training. During the training’s Sacred Ceremony of Attunement, Ms. Wheeler became “profoundly psychic.” Some psychics have aural revelations, while others “feel” or “just know.” Ms. Wheeler describes herself as a clairvoyant, meaning that she is able to see things others cannot. She reports that initially she saw dead people. This frightened her, prompting her to pray for angelic protection. She states that she soon found that the angels she requested were helpful in identifying the ways in which Reiki could heal. She recalls that the angels also delivered a message that she was to teach others how to use angels in Reiki healing. At first she doubted that anyone would care about her message, but at her first class, over one people attended. Ms. Wheeler has now completed all five levels of training required to become a Reiki master and has been publically practicing and teaching since 2004.

There are now practitioners of Reiki with the Angels from Germany to New York, with many more still in training. There are six practitioners in the Richmond area, including Dr.Susan Solomon, who is a Board certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist and recently received Board Certification with the American the American Board of Holistic Medicine (ABHM).

Reiki with Angels

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