Redeemer Lutheran Church

Redeemer Lutheran Church was founded in 1948 as an offshoot of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church and initially began holding services on Roanoke Street. The church/congregation was moved to its current location on Redbridge Road in 1970. By 1980, the church needed to build an education wing, and the congregation built a larger sanctuary in 1993. Redeemer Lutheran Church sponsored a “daughter church” on Old Hundred Road in September, 2009. The sanctuary has a spacious open/airy feel about it, with the pews fanning out in front of the preaching area as opposed to the long and narrow cathedral style. The church has a very bright look and atmosphere.

Two services are held every Sunday morning. An early morning traditional and conservative service features an organ, hand bells, brass, and a choir while the more contemporary, late morning service includes a rock and roll praise band. Redeemer Lutheran Church holds special services for Reformation Day (the day on which Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses up on the doors of the church in Wittenberg, Germany), Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. The church professes “that Jesus Christ, the son of God, God in flesh, came and lived a sinless life on Earth, and then was crucified on a cross, dying as a sacrifice to atone for the sins of all who believe, and then rose again from the grave three days later. The Church has 950 members with approximately 400-415 members attending on a typical Sunday.

There ministries organized within the church are intended to promote growth in the members’ walks with Christ. They include Sunday School, Small Group Ministries (small group studies), and preschool and child development. In addition to these internal ministries, Redeemer Lutheran Church has (and supports) several ministries oriented toward the surrounding community. These external ministries include the Food Pantry, the Thanksgiving program for the Good Samaritan Inn, the Christmas Mother, Habitat for Humanity, Communities About Richmond Involved in Assuring Shelter (CARITAS) (through which the church serves as the host to 32 homeless individuals by providing them with food and allowing them to use the church as shelter), and North American Missions (through which the church sends out missionaries throughout the United States to do work and spread the Gospel of Christ message.

Redeemer Lutheran Church
9400 Redbridge Road
Richmond, VA

Redeemer Lutheran Church pastor

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October, 2009



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