Ramsey Memorial United Methodist Church

Ramsey Memorial United Methodist Church was established in 1908 in the West End as Manns Chapel, a mission of West End Methodist Church. The mission became a church in 1912. A new church was built in 1930 in its current location. The name was changed to Ramsey Memorial United Methodist church in honor of Mrs. Lula Ramsey who helped support construction of the new church. In recent years the Christian Life Center building, which included a gymnasium and some classrooms, was added to the church.

At Ramsey Memorial United Methodist Church, there are early and late morning worship services on Sundays; both are traditional in their style. To accommodate the growing Hispanic community in the area surrounding the church, Ramsey Memorial also holds a Hispanic worship service and Sunday school on Sundays. On a weekday evening the church holds a worship service and some youth programs. The church also sponsors an English as a second language class as a service to the Spanish community. Every year since 1957 the church holds a live nativity scene during the week of Christmas to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Membership has grown to over 200 and is predominantly Caucasian, with a few Hispanic members attending.

Ramsey Memorial’s outreach ministries work with a number of community organizations. These include Meals on Wheels, which delivers food to those who are disabled or housebound; Upward Basketball, a basketball league for children from ages 6-12; English and Spanish as a second language classes; and Congregations About Richmond Involved To Assure Shelter (CARITAS), which offers food and shelter to the homeless for one week out of the year. One of Ramsey’s missions is to have a healthy and spiritual life so; they offer spiritual exercise programs, and programs of health topics such as grief, blood pressure, and diabetes Ramsey Memorial United Methodist Church also has a Red Cross Shelter team organized to respond to disaster events.

Ramsey Memorial United Methodist Church
5900 Hull Street Road
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Profile prepared by Erik Jones
October, 2009