Power House Worship Team

The Power House Worship Team is a Christian ministry that was founded in 2005 under the leadership of Efa Mboto and Celeste Granell of the New Life Outreach International Church in Richmond. The ministry is linked to the Power House Youth Group and is composed eleven members who use their various talents to “connect teenagers with God through worship.” Efa Mboto and Celeste Granell were raised in the New Life Outreach International church, they report that they felt “called” to start a worship team that included teenagers and leaders with a “passion for worshiping God.”

Since its beginning in 2005, The Power House Worship Team has grown in size, from two to eleven and has performed at over twenty venues across Virginia. The group has performed at churches in Fredericksburg, Chester, and at numerous local Richmond churches. The Power House Worship Team has recently completed their first album, and they are currently working on their second album. The group anticipates that the first album will be available for sale in late 2009 to early 2010. The Power House Worship team is funded through donations, and all proceeds from their CD sales benefit the Power House Youth Group.

Their music employs a variety of instruments (drums, bass, guitar, and piano) and vocals fused together to provide a sound blend of contemporary, rock, and gospel music into one worship experience. Celeste Granell states that what makes the worship team so unique is that they are “ethnically diverse, they immerse themselves in a time of worship before each practice, and their blend of contemporary, rock, and gospel music is rare.”

A unique characteristic of The Power House Worship Team is that the team also serves as a discipleship program. The teenage members of the team are taken to worship conferences, help write songs, and are taught by their directors how to write and read music. Celeste Granell states that the team is “like a family, everyone is really close to each other.” She believes that the most important aspect of the ministry is to enable spiritual growth and help the teenagers worship freely. In the future, the directors hope for “growth, and to continue to reach teens for God.”

Power House Worship Team
1005 Turner Road
Richmond , VA 23225

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Profile Prepared by Derreck Granell
October, 2009