Parham Road Baptist Church

Parham Road Baptist Church was established on September 29, 1960 by fifty members of the Deep Run Baptist Church who came together with the purpose of organizing a new church. They asked Reverend Edward G. Lambert to serve as their pastor; he accepted the offer and he started fulfilling his duties on October 2, 1960. For several months, the church met at Tuckahoe Middle School for Sunday worship services and at the pastor’s house for the evening services on Sunday and Wednesday. As membership began to increase, they outgrew Tuckahoe Middle School facilities and started meeting at Ridge Elementary School. As they were searching for a permanent home, they realized that there were few Baptist churches in the Parham Road area and began planning for a church there, which they named Parham Road Baptist Church. The church became a member of the Dover Association of Southern Baptist Convention on January 15, 1961. Groundbreaking services were conducted on September 13, 1964 and the first service in the new facility was held on Sunday, July 18, 1965. Over the past forty years membership has risen and fallen within the church, and at one point the congregation thought that it was going to have to close the doors. But a significant rebirth in the church came when the roof collapsed. That catastrophic event brought the members together and kept the church’s doors open. During reconstruction the congregation met at Virginia Baptist Mission Board, and the church continued to grow.

Parham Road Baptist Church holds morning services on Sunday along with a morning Sunday school. On Wednesday evening there is Family Supper Night followed by a Bible Study for members of all ages. The church currently has 250 members and an active membership of about 125 members. The congregation is predominantly Caucasian, with a small percentage of other ethnic groups. A majority of the congregation is over the age of 50. Parham Road Baptist is continuously extending efforts to become more diverse.

Parham Road Baptist Church has many ministries in which members may become involved. For children the church sponsors Bible Skills, Drills and Thrills, a ministry that helps children to memorize biblical verses, apply Bible truths, learn the books of the Bible, pray, learn music, and complete crafts applicable to each lesson. The church sponsors a jail ministry that encourages people who are incarcerated to keep their hope and faith in God. The church also supports a ministry through which members visit those who are sick, shut-in, or hospitalized. There is a Raise the Roof ministry to help get other ministries and missions started within the church to help it continue to grow. Parham Road Baptist Church also organizes an annual Vacation Bible School in the summer. The church participates in food drives to help people in need in their community, and they provide some financial assistance. Finally, the church supports a variety of mission organizations including the Dover Association of Southern Baptist Convention and the Virginia Baptist Board.

Parham Road Baptist Church
2101 North Parham Road
Richmond, VA 23229
(804) 270-3262

Parham Road Baptist Church, pastor

Profile prepared by Kimberly Jones
October, 2009