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NorthStar is a ministry which was formed by Bon Air Baptist Church and is currently located within the Bon Air community in Richmond . Over the years Bon Air Baptist Church attempted numerous times to begin support groups for those suffering from addiction. Inspired by material titled “Celebrate Recovery,” a program designed at Saddleback Church in California , Bon Air Baptist decided to try once again to form support groups. In February, 1999, Bon Air Baptist Church members Bugsy and Susan King took on the task and established NorthStar Community. Based on their own recovery from addiction and codependency, the Kings realized that spirituality was essential to finding freedom from past hurts, habits, and hang-ups. They gathered a team of about thirty people to help form support groups for those who want to explore new ways of dealing with pain.

NorthStar ministry has three components: recovery, relationship, and renewal. The first component is recovery. A recovery ministry is a specialized, focused ministry designed to support hurting people in their healing process. Stereotypically, recovery ministries are viewed as places where alcoholics and drug addicts go to get clothes and a hot meal. NorthStar recovery ministry provides emotional, medical, and spiritual resources that can result in solutions to help individuals deal with everyday struggles.

Relationship is the second component of the ministry. Relationship ministry deals with problems that usually occur in the context of relationships. Relationship issues can be those evolving from marriage, parenting, or sexuality. The relationship ministry helps individuals evaluate a relationship and show accountability. This ministry also gives individuals support and encouragement.

The final component is the renewal process. A renewal ministry is about spiritual renewal. NorthStar Community is committed to finding spiritual solutions to daily life problems before one is able to move on. NorthStar uses the Christ-Centered 12 Step principles to help guide through each ministry.

The first two groups formed around codependency and addiction issues, including alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and sexual addiction. NorthStar subsequently added more support groups for eating disorders and all the A’s (anonymous groups). NorthStar holds meetings for these various support groups through out the week. Many people attending NorthStar began asking for a more in-depth Bible study, and Bible study for men, women, and youth was launched. These studies include: Walking Through the Christ Centered 12 Steps (help individuals succeed in their life struggles), Financial Planning, and Bondage Breaker. NorthStar hosts a major conference for “Freedom In Christ Ministries.” This conference is regularly provided for families in financial crises. NorthStar also helps fund educational ministries by providing books.

NorthStar Community now has two locations and still expanding. Services are held on Sunday Mornings. Dress at NorthStar services is casual, and the ministry has a variety of ethnic backgrounds and age ranges. There is Bible study for men, women and youth at Bon Air Elementary School . Following the Bible study is a celebration service. On Saturday nights services are held at Bon Air Baptist Church . A children’s ministry is held for infants through eighth grade. The evening is opened with a celebration service, and then participants are divided into spirituality and recovering groups. The evening is closed with a short video. In September 2003, NorthStar Community began a television program as a new addition to the ministry. The television program is broadcast every Sunday morning.

NorthStar Community
Bon Air Bapatist Church
2531 Burford Road
Richmond , VA 23235

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December, 2007


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