Nfluential Music Ministries

Nfluencial Music Ministries is a Christian ministry that was founded in 2007 under the leadership of Donnie Dabney, a member of the New Life Outreach International Church in Richmond. The ministry

is composed of eleven artists (Taliah, Reazn, Deraj-89thkey, Magma Grappler, Lyrically Outspoken, Divine, Nfluence, Reach, Ashley, Twan, and Cornel) who “rap, do spoken word, sing, preach, teach, and create music for Christ.” Nfluencial Music’s purpose is “to form something similar to a label that is more of a ministry where we can use our skills to win the loss and glorify God.” Donnie Dabney, also known as Nfluence, began as a solo artist while attending Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries in Richmond, and traveled to numerous churches as a ministry. Donnie Dabney eventually left Mt. Gilead and while a member of Pastor Victor Torres’ New Life Outreach International Church he decided to begin Nfluencial Music “with some very close friends.”

 Since its beginning in 2007, Nfluencial Music Ministries has performed at hundreds of venues across the United States. Nfluencial Music Ministries performs all their concerts at no charge, and they receive their funding from donations and from sales of their seven CDs. Their CDs include Nfluence’s 3 solo albums, a compilation album featuring 9 of Nfluential Music’s artists, Deraj’s solo album, Magma Grapple’s solo album, and Reazn’s solo album. Nfluence writes that “God has placed this great calling on our lives and we’re more than willing to take up the cross no matter what the cost.” The ministry is available for booking and “considers it an honor to minister in the name of Jesus.”

Nfluencial Music Ministries
1005 Turner Road
Richmond VA, 23235

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Profile prepared by Derreck Granell
October, 2009