Mt. Olivet Church

Mt. Olivet Church was established on October 13, 1899 by Jacob George Davis and several other former members of the Fourth Baptist Church who sought to build a new church. Reverend J. Andrew Bowler was the first pastor, serving from the church’s establishment until 1935. When the church was founded, it was as Mt. Olivet Baptist Church. Just after 2000, the church chose to become non-denominational, Mt. Olivet Church. This transition came about as a result of the pastor’s desire to completely revamp the church’s vision. Bishop Husband, senior pastor of the church, is also the founder and visionary of the Life More Abundant Ministries. The goal of this ministry, as well as the goal of the church, is to cross cultures to change lives by reaching out to other pastors and churches to help them reach their full potential. During this transition period into the new vision, the church lost many members who did not agree with the changes being made. However, Mt. Olivet members continued with the effort to recreate their history.

The church has been located on North 25 th Street since its inception, but the church building went through a series of renovations and upgrades in 1975 that resulted in a larger building ready to embrace a larger community. The building has three floors with a steeple and cross at the top of the building. Stained glass windows frame the church with wooden columns in the sanctuary that are reminiscent of Noah’s Ark. The church takes part in two morning services on Sunday. On two weekday evenings the church offers a Bible Study and a second worship service. Membership is in the range of 250-300 members; most members are African American, with a small number of Caucasian and Hispanic members.

The church supports a number of ministries, including the Men’s, Women’s, Young Adults, Youth, Children, Elders, and Seniors Ministries. There are ministries for single and married individuals. The Hospitality Ministry ensures that everyone who enters Mt. Olivet is welcomed properly and feels comfortable. There is also an Intercessory Prayer Ministry. Other ministries recognize the talent of the church such as the Media and Music and Art Ministries. Mt. Olivet Church has an active program of helping the needy. The Outreach Ministry, for example, is involved in a variety of community affairs. Under this ministry there is a program called Operation Pride that strives to help followers of Christ and community members live a more devoted life of integrity. One part of this mission involves adopting local schools, such as Armstrong High School, and helping children experiencing financial and behavioral problems. The Most Ministry is a group of young people that are at the church to help in case of a medical emergency. At Mt. Olivet there is a place where everyone can feel right at home and fellowship with people of similar age and interest.

Mt. Olivet Church describes itself as very community oriented and as constantly thriving to reach hurting people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, coaching them to a life of Love, Integrity, Faith and Excellence. The church is affiliated with Full Gospel Baptist Church. It is also covenant partners with Bishop Wellington Boone Ministries, a group that was founded in 1986 to reach people in every sphere of society and to lead them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Mt. Olivet also partners with the S.O.N summit, Saving our Neighborhood and Nation. This group crosses denominational, racial, economical, and generational boundaries to build relationships that will allow people to live a life of integrity.

Mt. Olivet Church
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Profile prepared by Jasmine Marin
October, 2009